Pizza, Bus, Mini-Storage


It’s all about revenue stream, “Show Me The Money”.

This topic is pertaining to ‘Site Infrastructure’ which are all connected to The Spark Hall in some fashion, ie: electrical, potable water, waste water, etc.


I think we can all agree this is a good idea that will add to the revenue stream, but will require a fair amount of infrastructure to be put in place ie: connection to The Hall sewage, fresh water and electrical. I will need to be corrected if I am incorrect, but I believe the tenant will be covering costs above the monthly rental of space… The location and cost of these connections have yet to be fully explained and/or decided. This discussion needs to happen before this tenancy can be established.


This is tied to an HICEEC MOU (memo of understanding) , details to follow? The main concern to all is where the Bus will be parked, and what type of structure will be required/desired. I believe there is consensus that it will not be inside The Hall. Several locations have been suggested, 1) rear of The Hall, 2) old location of the school bus, and 3) the parking spaces to the ‘Highway’s Yard’ side of the front entrance to the site. They all have pro’s and con’s. This is where the discussion needs to focus. In my opinion, 1) the rear of the hall is too small for proper / easy parking of the bus. This space is close to The Hall which lends itself to better use for in hall access to outside use tools and power. 2) The old school bus location is well suited for bus parking. A simple single use shelter for the bus could be established there. A quote of ~$5000,00 has been obtained for a 30 ft x 12 ft x 9 ft high sides, 2.5" square 14 ga. steel tube structure c/w metal roofing well suited for the site. Sides and front and rear covers/doors will need to be added. Single use in my opinion is limiting to this location which will require electrical service. The costs and location of services have yet to be determined. 3) The parking spaces Highways Yard side of the front entrance could accommodate two 30 ft (or 40 ft) long shipping containers with a gap between (16 ft) the two containers and a trussed shed roof structure built to cover the gap. Front doors and a rear wall would also be required for the joining structure. This will be a significant structure which would likely require a sighting permit, architectural drawings, and electrical service. This location and structure is well suited for visibility to the community as to The Spark’s involvement with the Community Blue Bus Program, and The Spark’s revenue creation through Mini-Storage in the shipping containers being used as side supports to the structure.

I believe a fourth option is also available in a combination of options 2) and 3) where a single shipping container in the parking spaces and the stand alone structure in the original bus parking location. I also believe option 1) could get a shipping container as well.

Please comment on these proposals and vote for your choice and vote often.



I am very much in favour of supporting them as this more than covers our base operating cost.

Pizza is willing to pay $1,000 a month +Hydro + cover any costs for themselves to land and get set up (Power and plumbing)
As well they are interested in having a shipping container to rent that would need to be located close to them in the woods.

they are keen to move now in the off season and are willing to start paying rent as soon as we give them the go ahead.


I have some concerns regarding the placement of the bus.

the spark hall is zoned for 35 person capacity, and we have a limited capacity of parking, approximately 20-21 parking spaces that we have full domain over. There is no street parking due to a fire hydrant on our side and a fire hall across the street The back yard is significantly smaller than we would like to imagine it and unless we are willing to give up our hot metal work area the back yard is not going to give up any parking.

Now in my mind there is a very strong correlation between parking and earning capacity of the spark land as a whole. Now if we take 20-25% of our parking capacity and rent it out as storage, where are these people that are going to be renting this going to park? Where are the people that are going to be buying pizza going to park?

There is gobs of land up the hill to park any number of shipping containers for mini storage or tiny workshops whatever, however there is a very limited number of parking sites and not likely to be many new show up anytime soon.

The old school bus site is a great location for the bus, we only loose one parking stall to the bus and is accessible 365.

over a 6 year term they are offering $25k and asking for $5K back to house their bus to really they are offering $20 for 6 years that works out to 3.3k per year or $277 a month.
Also running a 15000 watt heater at $.10.5pkwh adds up to $113 a month… Will they be covering hydro hook up and usage, or is that all part of the 20k?
if we park shipping containers in the front yard they will grow to the land and they will b stuck there forever…

for comparison pizza is worth 72K plus they are covering all their own setup cost as well if we get them a shipping container they can be worth more.

Mini storage:

We can’t be renting out resources that everyone on the site is going to be needing i.e. Parking.

If we fill the entire parking lot with shipping containers there will be nowhere for anyone to come and park to use them…

In my opinion visibility of a shipping container shanty in our front yard is not going to bring us warm fuzzy community feelings, people are just as likely to look at it as an eye sore.

If we go into mini storage, we are going to be the only one on the island and have a limited need to give up valuable road frontage for advertisement.

I have thought long and hard on how to get a shipping container for the hot metal work area to blend in and not cause any ripples… So when Sasha and I hit upon the idea of making a graffiti wall to hide the hot metal work area it made for a win win for everyone.

I am all for shipping container mini storage in the back woods where we are not going to be blocking members, visitors and people that want to bring us money. As well out of sight out of mind, fall less likely for people to be upset if it is not in their face.

Remember we are in this for the long haul and need to make sure that we are not limiting our selves right out the gate.


I am not sure why the shipping containers are a part of either ask, the pizza or the bus. As far as heating the bus, that may be a red herring, since just starting the bus and letting it run for a half hour with the heater on may be an off-grid solution.
Maybe we can schedule a short meeting soon to vote about it?



I think we should go with option 3, as per the MOU with HICEEC.

That would involve building a garage for the community bus using two 40" containers for the sides and building a roof between them (John G from HICEEC has agreed to give us the roof trusses for this building). For this HICEEC would be giving us $25K, plus the roof struts. I am not sure what building this structure would cost but I would be surprised if it would be more than $15K, leaving us approximately $10K left over. I would suggest we spend part of this to place an additional 40’ container where the school bus use to park. This would leave us with three 40’ containers to rent out and some spare change. These three 40’ containers would likely generate $1,500 per month in recurring income for the Spark ($18,000 per year). We could use this income to purchase additional 20’ containers to be located behind the Spark building, where I believe 5 could be located. The additional 20" containers cost around $3,000 each, so 5 of them would cost approximately $15,000. Based on the income brought in by the three 40’ containers ($18,000 per year) it would take only a year to purchase the additional five 20’ containers. These 20’ containers would likely bring in approximately $200 each per month, or $1,000 per month for all five of them ($12,000 per year). That would mean that in as little as twelve months the Spark could be receiving $30,000 per year in recurring income from this project.

Although I agree with Quana that this will reduce the amount of available parking, I think it is worth giving up the 5 or 6 parking spaces for the $30,000 per year they could generate.

I also believe that the best way to move forward with a social enterprise on the Spark property is to do it in partnership with HICEEC and the community bus. I believe the community will rally behind this and there will be less objections than if we do it on our own by trying to hide some containers behind the Spark building.


I think the pizza opportunity sounds like a good one, but we should make sure we think it out carefully and have an agreement in place that lays out the ground rules so there are no surprises for the Spark or the tenant.

I do have concerns that if the pizza business arrives, before the joint venture with HICEEC is completed (or at least announced) we might get some push back from the community on how the land is being developed. As I mentioned above, I feel the best way to move forward with a social enterprise on the Spark property is to do it in partnership with HICEEC, because I think it will ruffle less feathers and have greater community support. For that reason we might want to hold off of the Pizza project until the HICEEC project has been finalized.